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Teddy Bear Heartache by t-e-z-z Teddy Bear Heartache by t-e-z-z
Acrylic Paint, Edited on GIMP
The teddy is meant to have no eyes or nose.... it's of my teddy which lost his O.O.......

This is the poem in it,
"Teddy Bear Heartache
Discarded….. Forgotten…… Lost,
Rotting among the dusty junk under your bed,
Left with nothing but the memories…
Of the days when you would drag me around everywhere your went,
When you couldn’t sleep without me by your side,
I miss seeing your face brighten when you’d see me,
Calling out my name when you were sick,
You overwhelmed me with your love,
Until I feel apart… limb by limb,
But I was not enough,
Who is content with something that cannot hug back?
Who cannot grow with you? Only stay young,
You grew too old for me,
You found someone who could love you back,
But then I hear you sobbing….
You reach down for me and embrace me,
… I have missed your warmth
You hold me tight and I can feel your pain,
Soaking me with your tears,
I know you are only using me,
You are hurt & alone, and need something
And I know I will not be enough for you,
But I don’t fight back,
I can’t break away from you
I just give in and let you use me again
It won’t be long
There will always be another
It will always never be the same
So I just lay here and take it
And await the day you let me go
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Submitted on
November 5, 2012
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